Pre-School Age Classes


  • 9:00 - 9:45 Preschool 1 (1st year age 3 or 4) Double Combination (ballet and tap)
  • 9:50 - 10:35 Preschool 2 (2nd year age 4) Double Combination (ballet and tap)


  • 9:00 - 9:45 Preschool 2 Double Combination (2nd year age 4) (ballet and tap)
  • 9:50 - 10:35 Preschool 1 Double Combination (1st year age 3) (ballet and tap)

Combination Classes


  • 4:15-5:15 Ballet/tumbling ages 6 and up


  • 3:30 - 4:15 Ballet/Tumbling ages 5 and up


  • 3:30 - 4:30 Kindergarten Triple Combination (ballet, tap and tumbling)
  • 4:30 - 5:30 Kindergarten Double Combination (ballet and tumbling)
  • 5:30 - 6:30 Ballet and Tumbling ages 7 and up


  • 3:30 - 4:30 Triple combination (ballet, tap and tumbling) ages 6-8

Tumbling Classes


  • 6:45-7:45 Advanced Tumbling


  • 3:45 - 4:45 Beginning/Intermediate
  • Tumbling

Tap/Clogging Classes



  • 5:30-6:15 Intermediate/Advanced Clogging

Ballet Classes


  • 3:30-4:15 Beginning Ballet ages 6 and up
  • 5:15 -6:45 Advanced Ballet (Honor Class*)



  • 4:15 - 5:00 Ballet 1-2 ages 7 and up
  • 5:00 - 6:00 Ballet 3-4 Class 1(Honor Class*)
  • 6:45 - 7:45 Ballet 3-4 Class 2 (Honor Class*)



  • 4:30 - 5:30 Ballet 2-3 (Honor Class*)
  • 6:15-7:30 Ballet 4-5 #1 (Honor Class*)
  • 7:30-8:45 Ballet 4-5 #2 (Honor Class*)



  • 4:45 - 5:45 Ballet 1 ages 8 and up (accelerated class)



  • 9:00 - 9:45 Pointe Class (Honor Class*)

*Honor Classes Student Expectations

  1. Arrive to classes and rehearsals on time and be prepared and dressed to dance.  Give 100% each class and come eager to do your best and learn something new!

  2. Dress code for ballet class requires dancers to wear black leotard and pink tights along with pink ballet shoes, ballet skirt or ballet shorts may be added. No baggy t-shirts or shorts. Hair must be in a bun. It is important to follow the dress code so that instructors can clearly see your dancer’s body and make sure they are using proper technique and working in correct alignment. This will help with injury prevention.
  3. Students should show respect for ALL teachers and classmates.
  4. Dancers are expected to practice and review choreography outside of class and rehearsal. “I forgot.” is not acceptable! Be accountable for knowing your choreography!

*Parent Expectations

  1.  Promote good sportsmanship and positive attitudes.

  2. Get your dancer to class on time and in dress code.
  3. Text or email to relay child’s absence at least one day prior to class or rehearsal.
  4. Encourage your dancer to practice outside of the studio.
  5. Check emails regularly for updates and announcements.

Dress Code

  • Pre-school: Leotard of any color. Skirts or shorts may be added. No full tights. Bare legs or footless tights. Pink ballet shoes.

  • Kindergarten combination classes: Leotard of any color. Skirts or shorts may be added. No full tights. Bare legs or footless tights Tap and Ballet shoes.
  • Clogging: Comfortable clothes that allows free movement. Beginners may wear tap shoes, intermediate and advanced need clogging shoes.
  • Tumbling Classes: Leotards with shorts, leggings or a bike leotards.
  • Ballet Classes: Black leotard with pink tights and pink ballet slippers. Hair in a bun.

Please be sure that your child comes to ballet class in the proper clothes and with hair in a bun. It is very difficult to learn proper ballet placement if they are dressed improperly.

Studio Policy

  • No food or drink is allowed in the studio except for water.

  • No gum.
  • Please leave toys and jewelry at home.
  • No street shoes in the studio and no dance shoes should be worn outside!
  • No parents or visitors in class except on Visiting Weeks. (If grandma is visiting from out of state and wants to watch just give me a call and I am happy to have them come in!) Parents of new preschool students are welcome to stay until your child is feeling comfortable!

Please come dressed appropriately for you class. Please see Dress Code above.


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